A New Studio For Selkie Patterns!

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou 


Happy Friday everyone we have some exciting news here at Selkie HQ we are moving in to a new studio space!

We have been working in our current studio for almost a year now and although we love our space the lack of natural light is starting to get to us. A new unit opposite our studio has just become available and it has a window. The space is filled with natural light so we have decided to go for it for a better working and creative environment!

Naturally we have already started to daydream about this magical new space and how we can make it practical and our own. Expect plants, peg boards, cocktails and a hand painted mural!

The first thing we want to add to this new space is plants… We would love to build a shelf for our hanging plants and source a fig leaf plant to be our new office friend. We feel like we have made it now we can have office plants!

We will be keeping the furniture and cutting table (that we built ourselves!) we already own as well as our previous storage units. However we have a very large and heavy dull wooden desk that has seen better days… A little TLC with a lick of on brand turquoise paint will do just the trick for a mini upcycle.

In our current studio we don’t have a curated space for our tools, such as sewing and painting equipment. We have a bag for our threads and a mug for our sewing tools… We are planning on finally installing a peg board for our loved tools of the trade. We still have some spare wood leftover from our studio build so we could potentially make our own. We shall let you know how we get on!


Another thing that we would like to introduce to our new space is a ‘design wall’.  All our paintings, designs, fabric ideas and creative plans are kept stashed away in sketch books and boxes. A budget friendly cork wall would be perfect to pin sketches, fabric swatches and pictures and would also be a helpful way to plan any fabric and pattern launches. We plan to stalk our new design walls in an Anna Wintour like manner planning our world domination one print at a time!

One item we both planed on originally adding was a mini drinks cart! They look fabulous and a cheeky drink with a personal sewing project on a Friday at 6pm is a cheeky perk.. We have an old wooden cart that was given to us and we plan on up cycling it into a vintage inspired drinks trolly. Watch this space!

Our current space has become overwhelmed with calico toils and card pattern blocks we want to keep on file. We originally stored these on an IKEA clothes rail which has now become overrun and is an uninspiring mess… I found this great hack on Pinterest of using a long wooden rail drilled to the wall to hand pattern blocks on. This would work as an inspiring way to store and display our samples and create more floor space.

The new studio walls are mostly built in a dark wood which has a real 1970’s vibe apart from one plain white wall. My plans for this wall is to hand paint the Selkie logo as a mural! I have some gold paint left over from an old project that would work perfectly!

Do you have any studio storage ideas or furniture hacks? How do you use your sewing space? We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your weekend.


Team Selkie


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