Make Your Own: Coffee & Tea Filters

In the spirit of making your own, after reusable cotton rounds and a lunch/produce bag, we continue this week with reusable tea and coffee filters. We were blown away with how many of you have downloaded our free cotton rounds template, we hope we have inspired you! The second pattern in the ‘make your own’ style is our lunch and produce bag, which you can download here for a small fee. The reason that pattern isn’t free, is because it’s a complete pattern with instructions and two different versions of the patterns. It is featured in this month’s issue of Be Kind magazine, which is on shelves today. It looks exactly like one of our dressmaking patterns. You can find the free template for today’s coffee filters here.

These reusable filters were made as rewards for our Kickstarter campaign and they are lovely to use. If you make filter coffee at home or at work, or if you are a fan of loose tea, this is for you. These can be rinsed out after use, and they can all go in the washing machine as well. We recommend rinsing them out immediately after use, as coffee and tea are powerful colouring agents.

Tea and coffee is part of an everyday routine for many people, so think about how much waste you could save yourself by switching to one of these. In the UK alone, the country drinks on average 60.2 billion cups of tea a year! And in Sweden, the world’s most caffeinated country, people drink even more coffee than the Brits drink tea: an average of 3.2 cups of coffee a day per person, most of it filter coffee. A small thing such as a fabric filter could have a huge impact in your home.

As with our cotton rounds and lunch/produce bag, these filters are also beginner friendly, but do require an overlocker so that the coffee or tea doesn’t spill out of the seam. Alternatively, you could perhaps try a very tight zigzag, but an overlocker is recommended. You can whip these up in no time and we recommend using muslin or linen: the fabric needs to have a very fine weave to be able to filter your hot drink. Round up your family or friends to help you cut out and make it a team effort for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy your entirely home made cuppa!



Team Selkie

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