Make Your Own: Cotton Rounds

The Great British Sewing Bee is back on the BBC! Did you all watch? Maybe you feel inspired to start sewing but you are a complete beginner and find dressmaking daunting. Or maybe you have no interest in dressmaking to begin with, no judgement here.

There are many of us out there who like sewing, but don’t like the idea of sewing clothes. Some sewers only ever make baby clothes, because they are a quick and satisfying make, but don’t venture into dressmaking for themselves. And what about the men and women out there who have learnt how to sew as a practical skill to fix textiles and clothes at home, but never have the intention of making anything from scratch. Men fixing camping gear with needle and thread, we salute you. And last but not least, the enthusiastic complete beginners. Often a smaller project that you will actually finish gives you so much more satisfaction and pride and you are more likely to keep going with your new skill. One of the mishaps that often happens with new sewers is that they dive head first into making a complicated dressmaking pattern, give up on the pattern because it’s too hard, and subsequently give up on sewing because they feel discouraged.

So what can we do as beginners, or as home sewers without an interest in dressmaking? You can sew for everyday life. We have some tips for you! In true Selkie style, you can make them all with offcuts and they all add to the sustainability of your home while you’re at it. Today’s project is suitable for absolute beginners.

Reusable cotton rounds

If you are a gal or a guy who likes to use products in the bathroom involving cotton rounds, you can easily make them yourself, which makes for a really quick, satisfying project. We recommend using natural fabrics for this and you can use them to apply your toner, remove your make up, or remove a facial. If you are using them for make up removal, we recommend using a soft fabric with some texture, and if you are a fan of a facial every now and then you can make them out of toweling fabric, so they become like mini flannels. The great thing about these is that they are machine washable as well, so they can go in with your towel wash.

We have made you a free printable guide to these, which is a project suitable for absolute beginners. Get yours here.

This is a great project to do together with a friend if you are at different skill levels, or to make with your partner or child. This way you can share the process of making something, which is one of the many beautiful benefits of making something with your own hands.

You can use one fabric on one side, and another on the reverse! You can double up the layers too if you like a more cushiony feel.

Lunch & Produce Bags

Look out for this one next week!

Team Selkie

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