Make Your Own: Soap Sweater

Yes, you read that right: today we’re making a sweater for your soap. It’s not just humans that need clothing sometimes. But mostly, this project is short and fun, uses up offcuts or an old towel and it makes it easier for you to use bar soap in the shower. If you are making the switch from liquid soap in plastic packaging to gorgeous bar soap, but you just find it fiddly to handle in the shower? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Or maybe you are fine with it, but your kids are slipping and sliding all over the place. Soap sweater to the rescue!

For this project we used a light weight towel that had a stain on it and was no longer suitable as a towel. The towering fabric has a soft exfoliating effect on your skin too. You could use other fabric too, but just remember that you will be using it on your skin. If you are crafty, there are plenty of ways you can crochet one of these too (we do not possess these skills… yet!). Look for a yarn that is quite coarse, for example a linen yarn. Other yarns will start felting together when they are wet and soapy.

These measurements are for a medium sized soap. If you have a really chunky soap, you may have to adjust the measurements a little. The width of your soap plus two inches (5 cm) forms the short side of the rectangle, and you should be able to wrap the length of your rectangle around your soap completely with an overlap of about an inch (2.5 cm). Think of it like wrapping a present!

  • Cut a 7×8 inches (17.5×20 cm) shape in your toweling fabric.


  • Fold the longest sides in by 1 inch. You can press these, pin them or machine tack them in place. 

  • Fold in one of the short sides by 2 inches (5 cm). 

  • Fold over the other short side so they overlap. We used the finished bias edge of the old towel as our visible outside edge. If you don’t have this, then fold over once and stitch a single hem before you overlap. 

  • Pin up the sides of your soap sweater. The may be a little chunky. Sew up the sides with a normal stitch about 0.5 cm away from the edge.

  • Pop your soap in and look forward to your next shower!


We hope you feel inspired!


Team Selkie

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