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All around us there are businesses small and big headed up by inspiring women. Some work online, some work in a physical space, some work during the days, some work during the nights, some work alone, some work together: the more we share, the more we can learn from each other. And the more we learn from each other, the more we can teach the ones following in our footsteps. May these women inspire you as they inspire us.

Today on the blog we talk to Lori, the former Brandmark co-ordinator at Eco-Age.* Enjoy!

(*at the time of publication Lori has moved on to new adventures)

Hello Selkie-people!
I’m Lori, originally from Scotland but now a year-old Londoner. I’ve done quite a few different things over the years, from touring New Zealand surfing to creating video content for Disney and Universal to somehow landing a pretty epic job working with the incredible team at Eco-Age, co-ordinating the Brandmark initiative. I feel so lucky that I get to meet and work with such incredible people in a variety of industries that are making such positive changes in the world today. Outside of Eco-Age, I am working with an incredible team of trainers at London Boxing gym Kobox, eating ALL of the delicious vegan food London has to offer and running around Hyde Park (partly to move my legs and partly because I always get lost!).

You work at Eco-Age, can you tell us how you started working for them and what you do for the company?

I’d spent my last few years in university learning and embracing sustainability as much as I could. I started following a lot of people on Instagram so that I could get involved in the conversation more and really soak up everyone’s experiences. I think it was Venetia Falconer who fist flagged Eco-Age to me and I fell in love instantly. In April last year Eco-Age advertised for someone to lead their new Brandmark programme, a celebration of brands and businesses making a positive impact on the planet, it would allow me to marry my creativity with my core values and I was lucky enough to get the job! I spend my days finding and working with new brands who are doing great things in this space and offering them the support and community within Eco-Age to drive them forward.

Is sustainability something that always interested you, or was there a moment that changed your views?

Intrinsically, conscious living is always something that I’d just done. I grew up on a farm in the East of Scotland spending a lot of time in nature and I’d never been a very materialistic person but my travels around the world have really sparked my determination to protect and preserve it.

What do you think the difficulties are for smaller companies when it comes to implementing sustainable business practices?

Small companies have it tough in any circumstance but today, when the conversation about sustainability is picking up pace and the ‘trend’ is being caught by businesses big and small, it’s even more difficult to break through. Some of the biggest challenges I’ve seen from the brands I work with comes with finance and being able to support not only the business but themselves at the same time. Often operating sustainably can require more funds and to a new start this is a daunting prospect. However, imagine being 50 years in to your business and trying to make conscious changes, smaller brands have a certain power to make change that bigger brands don’t always have.

What inspires you to create change?

The people around me. The best part of my job is meeting such inspiring people from all walks of life. Hearing their stories and sharing their experiences proves to me that change is possible. Often these people have made such incredible changes without the privilege of education or money etc but make do with what they have and use it in the best way possible. I want to take that mentality forward and make the changes that I want to see.

If you could change three things tomorrow, what would you do?

– I would delete all fast-fashion brands from existence
– Ensure that artisans and craftsman working in any industry are paid a fair living wage
– I would make sure that the UK government was one that put the climate crisis at the forefront of their agenda

Thank you Lori!

You can follow Eco-Age’s brilliant Instagram and read all about the Brandmark



Team Selkie

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