Ethics & Diversity Policy

Our ethical policy guides us in who we strive to work with and how we make sure we become and remain a happy and responsible company. Selkie Patterns loves working with companies, organisations or individuals who:

  • Work with women and/or women’s rights
  • Work towards positive changes in the fashion and textile industry
  • Work in ways that are positive and encouraging for humans, animals and our environment
  • Work towards a fairer, more inclusive, more diverse, more transparent working world
  • Work with sustainable resources
  • Aim to provide a healthy and happy work environment
  • Aim to limit their material waste, be it fabric, paper or packaging
  • Aim to educate young people on how to take care of themselves and their environment

Diversity Action Plan

For our 2020 Diversity Report and Projections, please go here

We Commit To:

  • We will get our customers and followers involved in picking a charity to donate to once every three months. The charities will fall into the categories that go with our company’s ethos: women, education, diversity, and environment.
  • We will feature an artist of the week on our Instagram and newsletter to introduce artists with diverse backgrounds, from past and present.
  • We are making an infographic of our current diversity and our aims to visualise our statistics. You can take a look and potential collaborators can use it as a tool to decide whether to work with us.
  • We are currently doing a subconscious bias training as a team. When we have enough funds available, we have selected a Diversity For Small Businesses course that we will take, provided by a black diversity expert.
  • When we work with a new company, instead of only asking about their environmental policy, we will also ask about their diversity policy.
  • We will email our sponsors to see how they pick their ambassadors.
  • As we grow and are able to work with more freelancers, we will consciously approach new professionals from different backgrounds.

We Will Continue To:

  • We will continue to pick diverse models to represent our products: ethnicity, size, ability, age. Please know this is something we always work on behind the scenes, but we are slow at releasing sewing patterns. Our aim is to achieve representation one product release at a time.
  • We will continue to interview female business owners from diverse backgrounds on our blog.

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