Green Policy

Policy updated as of January 2021.

At Selkie Patterns, we strive to be happy and green. Here is what we already do and commit to continue doing:


Our membership platform, The Table, is a business member of 1% For The Planet. This means we contractually commit to donate 1% of our profits from the membership to environmental causes via non-profit partners. We pick these non-profits ourselves and the giving is direct. The 1% has to consist of at least half monetary donation, and the other half can be made up of a combination of elements such as volunteering, ad campaigns and product gifting. 


  • Continue to host our website on a green server (see our certificate below).
  • Continue to keep our business as local as possible, limiting our transport miles.
  • Continue to exercise a preference for working with suppliers in the UK and professionals in London.


  • Continue to print our business cards with material made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts.
  • Continue to purchase recyclable packaging materials for our products.
  • Continue to purchase paper materials for our office made from green or recycled resources.
  • Continue to limit our textile waste through reusing and recycling our fabric scraps, and collaborating with other organisations so our customers can do the same.


  • Continue to print our fabrics in a way that uses very little water and the most eco-friendly inks possible.
  • Continue to print our paper products on paper from an FSC-certified paper supplier, and with a printer who is a member of the Woodland Trust.
  • Continue to limit/avoid the use of plastic, be it in our packaging or setting up an event.
  • Continue to use eco-friendly detergents in our business.


  • Continue to sell products that, to the best of our knowledge, do not contain animal products.
  • Continue carrying stock from other businesses that contribute to a green sewing room.
  • Continue to be mindful of who we bank with.
  • Continue to put sustainability at the forefront of our business, not on the sideline.
  • Continue to print on fabrics that are ethical, sustainable or organic.

And did you know one of our payment providers, Stripe, is a carbon neutral company? Read more here.

We always want to improve and educate ourselves on ways to run our business. Here is what we commit to doing in the future:

  • Research new and innovative ways to package our products
  • Increase transparency in our textile supply chain
  • Research and explore new fabrics to print on
  • Be a stockist for sustainable sewing supplies
  • Communicate clearly and honestly
  • Make our business model as circular as possible

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