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How do PDF/digital patterns work?

A PDF/ digital sewing pattern is a sewing pattern you can print yourself at home or at a copy shop. After you have purchased your PDF sewing pattern, you will be emailed a link to download your pattern and instruction booklet. You can download your files up to three times before the link expires. We recommend downloading and saving your files on your computer.

What do I get when I purchase a PDF/digital pattern?

Your download includes:An A4-size instruction booklet to print at home or view on a computer/tablet, which we recommend to save paper.

  • An A0-size copy shop file of the sewing pattern which contains two pages, to be printed by a copy shop on A0 paper. These are full scale sheets so no assembling required: just cut around the pattern pieces or trace and go!
  • A4/US letter file of the sewing pattern which you can print at home using A4/US letter paper. This is the best option if you do not have access to a copy shop, but requires home assembly.

Your digital product will never expire if you don’t download it straight away, but please be aware that you have a download limit of three attempts. 

Disclaimer for home printers: on the odd occasion,  there will be a home printer that prints part of the pattern incorrectly, even with the correct print settings. This may show up as a side of the pattern being cut off too early, like the bottom. This is due to individual printer quirks regarding margins and we cannot account for these.

How do I print my PDF/digital sewing pattern?

  • When you print the pattern in our A4 home option, print at 100% (you may have to uncheck the scale box). You have a guide printed on your sewing pattern on how to assemble your printed ‘tiles’ like a jigsaw.
  • For our A0 sewing pattern simply print at a copy shop/ print shop on A0 sheets. You can even do this online and have them sent to your door! We recommend Simon’s team at Netprinter or the wonderful Fold Line in London. Both will ship worldwide.

I can’t decide: PDF or printed sewing pattern? Which do you recommend?

Well, that’s totally down to you! PDF patterns are a great option if you want to be able to reprint your pattern if you for example change size. However they can be a pickle to assemble in their A4 format and use up a lot of paper! However if you can print the A0 version it’s all smooth sailing. 

Our printed patterns are beautifully packaged in high quality paper and presented in a luxury illustrated envelope. We see our patterns as being collectible items that you use, reuse and treasure. We responsibly produce our sewing patterns in Britain and our printer is a member of the Woodland Trust and prints on FSC paper. So our patterns not only look good but are printed and produced thoughtfully. Obviously with a digital pattern, you won’t get any of that gorgeous packaging.

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