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Pattern Hack: Celeste Sleeve Frill

Let’s make a frill hack for the Celeste two-piece bishop sleeve! This is great way to use up a bit of fabric you’ve got left over, and a great opportunity to make statement sleeves. This hack works best with woven fabrics such as cotton or linen. You can see our model Chloe wearing this hack in her cream galaxy print Celeste blouse.

To begin, make sure you are making the 2-piece bishop sleeve version, which we designed with a seam specifically to add hacking potential! You will then need a strip of fabric for each sleeve. The width should be enough to fold in half to create your desired frill depth (Chloe’s blouse was made with a width of 10 cm before assembly), and the length should be about 90 – 110 cm.

Start by folding your strip in half along the length, right sides together. Then run two gather stitches across the long edge where the two raw edges of the fabric strip meet (so not alongside the folded edge). One gather stitch should be on your pattern line, so measure from the folded edge and up to decide how wide you want your finished frill to be, and the second gather stitch can be a foot’s width into the seam allowance. The two stitch lines will help create neater gathers.


Start drawing up the gather threads until the frill fits onto the bottom edge of the top sleeve. The first gather stitch should lay on the 1.5 cm seam allowance on the sleeve pattern. The raw edges of the frill should lay against the raw edge of the sleeve join, like in the picture below. Make sure the short edges of the frill extend all the way to the edge of the sleeve: when you sew up the  underarm seam, you want these short edges to be caught in the underarm seam to finish neatly. 


Always pin frills vertically, so your pin should be at a 90 degree angle to the stitch line. This controls the gathers much better. 

Stitch your frill in place on top of that first gather stitch. You can then follow the instructions for the 2-piece bishop sleeve step by step, and the frill will be sandwiched in the sleeve join between the top and bottom sleeve.


Enjoy your extravagant sleeves!

Team Selkie

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