Wardrobe Planner

A monthly guide to creating a more sustainable wardrobe

A unique 25-page wardrobe planner for men and women, guiding you towards a more sustainable wardrobe. It contains monthly guides with activities and ideas for your clothes and accessories. Each month has a narrow focus so you can explore your wardrobe bit by bit without becoming overwhelmed or giving up after a week. The month is left blank so you can start at any time of the year and reuse the planner year after year. There are also four seasonal guides with a theme for you to think about for the season, whether it’s mending, laundry or materials. This planner is not specifically tailored towards makers only, and is therefore suitable for absolutely everyone, whether you can sew or not. If you are a maker, it will contain lots of tips for you to think about how to make your projects more sustainable.



This is a downloadable 25-page PDF in full colour. You can access the planner on your computer, print it out at home or have it printed at a copy shop. It contains practical tips, useful insights, upcycling ideas, DIY recipes, action points and advice. It is designed to be worked through from the beginning to the end over a 12-month period, and is very suitable for people who maybe don’t know where to start or need some guidance and inspiration.

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