Free Download: Coffee Filters

A free downloadable template to make your own reusable coffee or tea filters.

A free, beginner friendly template for you to make your own fabric filters, suitable for coffee and tea. Tea and coffee is part of an everyday routine for many people, so think about how much waste you could save by making yourself one of these. These are great if you make filter coffee at home or at work, and work great if you are a fan of loose leaf tea. Simply rinse out after every use (we recommend rinsing out straight away, as tea and coffee are powerful colouring agents!). They can go in the washing machine with your household textiles. We recommend muslin or linen and the use of an overlocker is preferred over zigzagging. Enjoy your home made cuppa!



This template fits on 1 A4 sheet for you to print in colour or black and white at home.

Please note you have three attempts to download your pattern. 

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