Free Download: Cotton Rounds

A free download including a template and instructions for reusable cotton rounds.

A free print out for a beginner friendly project! If you are a gal or a guy who likes to use products in the bathroom involving cotton rounds, you can easily make them yourself, which makes for a really quick, satisfying project. We recommend using natural fabrics for this and you can use them to apply your toner, remove your make up, or remove a facial. If you are using them for make up removal, we recommend using a soft fabric with some texture, and if you are a fan of a facial every now and then you can make them out of toweling fabric, so they become like mini flannels. The great thing about these is that they are machine washable as well, so they can go in with your towel wash. This is a great project for beginners, or to share sewing with a friend, child or partner. The template includes all instructions.



This template fits on 1 A4 sheet for you to print in colour or black and white at home.

Please note you have three attempts to download your pattern. 

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