PDF Sewing Pattern: Wet and Dry Bag

A waterproof, double pocket wet and dry bag for when you are out and about! This can hold swimwear, wet hiking socks when you’re camping, used period underwear, and it’s also ideal for parents who use cloth nappies and/or wipes. Attach the strap to a bike handle, a backpack, a hook, or a pram. The double pocket means you can keep wet and dry separate, instantly making life much more practical. Never again do you have to stuff wet or dirty kit in a plastic bag to take home! Enter your new friend, the wet bag, and your life will forever be more practical, stylish and sustainable (and dry). This is a DIY pattern with all measurements provided and steps by step photographs and instructions. This pattern also features in the Parent & baby e-book. 



Your download comes with:

  1. An 11-page PDF with step by step instructions, photographs and measurements to make your own wet bag. The pattern is a DIY pattern, meaning all measurements are provided for you to cut out a pattern or fabric at home.

As with all our digital products, you have a maximum of three download attempts. 

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