Candy Apple Buckle

Vintage buckle for dressmaking

A stunning rectangular buckle with deco detailing. Likely from the 1930s this candy apple red marble like buckle is calling out to be introduced to your autumn wardrobe.


Availability: 24 in stock


Size: 8cm by 5cm

Likely material: Resin

About Our Vintage Haberdashery: 

Please note all our haberdashery is hand picked by us from a collection that covers the 1920s to the 1980s. We have made some educated guesses as to which era this haberdashery may have come from. Some of the haberdashery we picked was mounted on their original cards which contained notes as to where it was produced and its material content. For example our pearlescent buttons were made in England and the majority of our resin buckles were made in France and ribbons in Switzerland.

Some of the buttons are likely made of a material called casein rather than plastic, which was popular in the late 1940’s and early 1950s. British casein button production ceased completely in the 1960’s, when plastic buttons took over. Casein is made from dairy milk so it is 100% biodegradable. The waste product after casein button production is called whey and was repurposed in other industries. Whenever its likely that our haberdashery has been made using casein we have listed it.

Our haberdashery has lived for several decades so some minor flaws or colour inconstancy may appear. This is from time, not from wear, and we think it adds character to this collection.

Our supplier has been working with vintage supplies as a family business for over three generations.

Why Sew With Vintage Haberdashery:

The two main reasons we have gone with stocking vintage haberdashery is 1. It’s totally gorgeous and 2. It already exists out in the world, so we are repurposing rather than creating new product from new materials.

Providing sustainable haberdashery with Selkie Patterns has been a goal since day one and starting with vintage was a first choice for us.

Rather than buying new, using the resources that already exist is a great thing to do. We love to thrift our wardrobes so why not thrift our haberdashery?

We hope you love our first vintage collection as much as we do and we look forward to growing our sustainability portfolio with you.

How To Care For Your Haberdashery:

To care for your vintage haberdashery such as buttons and buckles we would recommend turning your handmade garments inside out when washing and using a gentle spin on your washing machine. We would recommend air drying your garments rather than using a tumble dryer as this could damage your vintage haberdashery.

If you have sewn your haberdashery onto a knitted or silk garment, take extra care of your haberdashery when hand washing and blocking etc.

Avoid using an iron on your vintage haberdashery.

We would advise wrapping your buttons in foil if the garment is dry cleaned.

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