Remnant: Absorbent & Waterproof all-in-1

A super special fabric that is absorbent, waterproof and antimicrobial, all in one! Super specialist and you would only require this fabric to make an absorbent, waterproof item, such as reusable nursing pads or reusable period/incontinence/postpartum pads. Cut out, overlock and you’re done! Please see the product description for approximate dimensions and details.


Availability: 2 in stock


Approximate dimensions: 53 x 45 cm (1)

Flaw: the piece has a flaw running right through the middle of the piece, please see product gallery. Due to the central position you have plenty of space to cut out your projects.

Zorb organic cotton 4D in the colour cream. The fabric is absorbent (the top layer is absorbent Zorb fibres in organic cotton), antimicrobial due to Silvadur technology, an inner waterproof PUL layer, and super-wicking ProCool interlock polyester fabric as the backing (uniquely engineered from premium hydrophobic fibers for extra protection from leakage). Absorbs ten times its weight in 2 seconds. Contents: Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane.

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