Garment Care

Once you have made your garment, care for it with love! Here are our tips:

  1. Always wash a full load to make full use of the water.
  2. Do you really need to wash it, or can you spot clean or hand wash?We are not recommending you wear stinky clothes, but simply think twice before you put your clothes in the machine.
  3. Wash on 30 C or 40 C for an efficient washing cycle that’s more gentle on the environment. This will also keep your clothes pretty for longer, as higher temperatures can damage the fibres.
  4. Hang dry instead of tumble dry, for an energy saving drying process.
  5. Find a friendly detergent! Watch out for those chemicals, both for us humans as well as our environment. We recommend brands like Ecozone, Bio-D, Method or Ecover.
  6. Use a Guppyfriend wash bag or a Cora Ball to catch those pesky microfibres. Every time we wash fabrics that contain plastics, such as polyester and fleece, micro plastics get flushed out into the oceans. Use as much natural fibres as you can, and use the above two for the rest of your laundry needs. They also catch hair and fluff, which extends the life of your washing machine.

The longer you keep an item in your wardrobe, the better it is for our planet. The most sustainable choice for every item in the world is to be used for as long as possible. For your clothing this can mean up cycling, swapping with someone else, mending and altering.

The longer your garment’s life, the better! 

If you need to dry clean an item, make sure to pick a dry cleaner that will give you a green clean. Dry cleaning in the standard way involves a lot of harmful chemicals, the nastiest being perc (percholorethylene). Find a service that uses an alternative! Johnson Cleaners, Connoisseur Dry Cleaning, American Dry Cleaning Company and Blanc are all great options.

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