Vintage Haberdashery

Introducing our first sustainable haberdashery collection! Read on to learn why vintage haberdashery was a natural first choice for Selkie, how we put this stunning collection together and how adding a vintage buckle and buttons will be the cherry on top of any outfit.

We have some exciting news to share with you all, our very first sustainable haberdashery collection is here! 
Introducing the ‘The Vintage Haberdashey Collection’. This range of vintage goodies has been hand picked by Team Selkie from a collection that covers the 1920s to the 1980s! 

We have wanted to launch a collection of sustainable haberdashery since day one and going vintage was a great match for us. We had been looking for the right suppler for a while and now the day is finally here! We have been lovers of vintage for years, not only is vintage haberdashery a sustainable choice but it also looks gorgeous.

We have curated limited ‘colour story’ collection bundles for you so you can treat yourself to a ‘haberdashery collection’ as well as having the option to treat yourself single buckles, ribbon and button packs. The collections are created by ‘colour story’ with bundles that feature pearl like buttons, rayon ribbon and resin buckles with collections named Rose, Emerald, Hydrangea and Turquoise!



To say this collection was hand picked gives it a sense of glamour… in reality we where in a London warehouse covered in dust wearing oversized dungarees and head torches. The rooms where stacked floor to ceiling in boxes upon boxes filled with a variety of buttons, buckles, ribbons and other items. We emerged hours later from the warehouse wanting to keep everything that we found for our customers for ourselves!

The haberdashery items we found where just incredible. As some of you may know Caroline and I use to work in the costume industry working on film, theatre and movies. We have previously worked on productions that required haberdashery to be sourced for costumes and we have never found a collection of vintage haberdashery this good.


So Why Sew With Vintage Haberdashery?

The two main reasons we have gone with stocking vintage haberdashery is:

1. It’s totally gorgeous and  2. It already exists out in the world, so we are repurposing rather than creating new product from new materials.

Rather than buying new, using the resources that already exist is a great thing to do. We love to thrift our wardrobes so why not thrift our haberdashery?



By far our favourite items in the collection are the vintage buckles! They can be used to spice up an old loved outfit or used to give your me made makes that original vintage twist! We see them as the cherry on top of your outfits.

You don’t have to been a keen sewer to enjoy this new collection our vintage haberdashery. Using haberdashery is the perfect way to bring a new lease of life to clothes and makes you already own. Our collection of buckles are easy to use and apply to existing fabric tie belts from your wardrobe. You can even add one of our buckles to an old loved scarf to create a belt as seen on this polka dot look! 

You can use our vintage buttons to bring a new or shall we say retro look to an existing linen shirt or even coat. We have a collection of extra chunky vintage buttons that will give your spring coat a fresh new look.


We hope you love our first vintage collection as much as we do and we look forward to growing our sustainability portfolio with you.

Be sure to send us photos of your vintage haberdashery on your me made and pre loved items by using the hashtag selkiehaberdashery

The Vintage Haberdashery collection is available for you to shop now on our website. 

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