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Why Your Style Matters

Introducing the Creative Diaries, a new feature on the blog where Selkie’s co-founders Alexandra and Caroline share with you what they have been seeing, reading and are currently inspired by.

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Alexandra here and this week at Selkie Patterns we have been covering Fashion Revaluation! As we did last year Selkie has covered Fashion Revaluations daily # theme over on our Instagram. We have created a series of videos over on our instagram TV where we discuss topics such as #WhoMadeMyClothes, #WhatsinMyClothes, and my favourite #FashionFix that covers repairing and up cycling your clothing.

Today Caroline and I  hosted our first ever Instagram LIVE to discuss our #clothinglovestories and why loved clothes matter. This got me thinking why we love certain items in our wardrobes and how they have stayed and been our companions with us over the years. And this in my opinion comes down to lifestyle as well as personal style and expression.

Personal style is something that inspires me, in my previous carrier as a costume designer and a stylist getting to know a persons or characters style and what they choose to wear what they wear is fascinating.

Personal style can evolve and change over the years but I feel that what we love and gravitate towards is rarely shifted its almost part of who we are as a person. This thought process lead to me to asking myself some questions when it comes to our own style…Is personal style a sustainable way to dress? Are trends and product influence the one thing that trips us up from the flow of our own personal style and leads us to over consumerism? I have many questions and thoughts on the topic of personal style and sustainability it’s a truly fascinating subject to touch on, I could honestly write a whole book on it!

We all have a personal style and exploring that can be super fun and rewarding reminding us to stay true to who we are and not buy/ make items in our wardrobe we won’t use or even feel like our selfs in.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest realises and looks after all these brands are smart….For example my favourite items in my wardrobe has to be 1940s style rayon/ viscose/ bamboo dresses. I have been wearing these dresses since I was around 16 my favourite being in the photo above. I have had these dresses for years and feel most like myself in them and they fit my lifestyle well. They get a lot of wear, love and repair and I wear them year after year. However I must admit seeing some of the amazing slinky 90s dresses over on every Instagramers profile is making me want one. This particular one is seen on one of my favourite bloggers Alix who just looks amazing in these style of dresses! Would this style suit me..? Would it suit my lifestyle with opportunities to wear them? Will I reach for this slinky number next summer?… I don’t think it will.


Photo: @icovetthee

I love to emulate others style within my own.. after all we all have a style icon (hello Audrey!) but that amazing slinky 90s dress looks amazing on this blogger but does that mean I HAVE to own it myself. Again another fascinating subject!

I thought it would be super fun to do some personal style mood boards to remind myself what words for me and what I love about the wardrobe I already have and to think out some creative ideas before committing to them. I have created a sketch template as part of a personal style exercise which can also be a great way to play dress up with out having to buy things..  Complete with fabric sample and note section this planner was super easy and fun to make! I even made a (very unrealistic!) ‘Me’ to sketch my outfit plans on. Please join me in this fun creative activity and let me know if it enjoyed the process!

Once filled with ideas I will be sticking my filled out outfit planner on the inside of my wardrobe for a few weeks. This way any making  plans I have I can test run to see is I’m  still inspired and if I  find myself wanting to wear the look. Its a great way to figure out if my outfit dreams are worth making/ investing in. I might even sketch myself that 90s dress and see if I’m still lusting after it…


You can also join me in creating your own style mood board which you can also use to pull colours/ textures to see a colour pallet you are drawn to. I found this yummy mood board online of Audrey Hepburn’s style where they have done just that. You can use online photo shop (such as Canva ) to create your own mood boards or you can make a good old fashioned collarge and use up that stack of magazines you have. Get cutting and sticking!

A style mood board is a great way to see what styles, shapes and colour pallets you gravitate towards plus its super fun!  Mine always ends up with tea dresses, florals, chunky heals and red handbags…

Mood boards are the perfect way to channel your creativity and can be used in a mantra like way. Here at team Selkie we made mood boards early in our brand developed to see who we wanted to be. Make sure you tag us in your mood boards we would love to see them!I hope you enjoyed todays blog and some of the subjects I touched on. Be sure to watch our new Instagram TV videos to hear us touch more on the subject of loved clothes and how personal style can also link with sustainability!

Alexandra x

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