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We are looking for someone to join our team for a few hours a week! Will you join us?

We are on the look out for someone to work solely on promoting our membership, which is called The Table. The Table is an online members’ platform where we teach and inspire in video format. Every month there is new content in the form of tutorials, masterclasses, interviews with creatives and we occasionally have exclusive products or discounts. Our aim is for this position to turn into more hours as the membership grows. We feel we’re at the cusp of growing our company and we need an extra pair of hands to get us there!

Our current challenge: 

We are a two-woman business and we are not managing to both create/manage our membership content as well as promoting it properly. Our goal is to grow the membership significantly and to do this, we need someone to take over the promoting and marketing side of things.


We’re Caroline and Alexandra, and we run Selkie Patterns from our London-based office. We have our online shop, featuring digital products and a handful of physical products, and we have our online membership, The Table. We manage and plan the content for The Table and work from an office in London.


We would like you to work purely on marketing and promoting for The Table. You’ll have ideas on how to grow our number of members, knowledge of promoting online (Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads) and ideally knowledge of the home sewing industry. After three months together, we reserve the right to discuss continuing working together or finish our working relationship. You will be working with Caroline and Alexandra and to reflect the limited number of hours, this would be a remote position to start with, with the potential of being an office day in the future if that would be favourable to both parties. We’d like you to have lots of ideas, communicate well with us and be savvy on social media.


Freelance basis, start at 5 hours per week (with the potential of going up if we’re getting on well and when we see the numbers growing!), remote position for now. We’ll pay hourly London Living Wage (£10.85).

Please apply to with an introduction to who you are, your experience and the top two things you would suggest to increase membership growth. Anything you send us is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than gauging your suitability for the role and your creative thinking. Applications are open now and we’d like someone to start in July. Interviews can be done online. 

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